About The Company

souk ayam zaman was found since 1970. our first branch was in mousitbeh this was our first experience in touching the lebanese demands. when we started in the 1970s we had two things in mind: 1- Delivering value in our items to the customers. 2- Reviving the old culture through our items. projects : ​in addition to selling to a number of bussiness mens and antique collector in lebanon and the region we had several huge projects and contributited in the location design of video clips ,programs ,and series series: ​1-2012: designing location of "Halawet al rouh " arabic series. ​2-2014:designing the location of "Bent el shahabandar " arabic series. 3-2015:designing the location of "The godfather"(arabic version) 4-2016:designing the location of "Ahmad eben hambal" arabic series. ​video clips: 1-2014 designing the location of " Ma aw3edak " the singer nancy ajram 2-2014 designing the location of " Mani 3la kefak:" the singer noor TV shows: 1-2015 designing part of the locations in "Dancing with the stars" 2-2014-2015 designing the location of "Ghanele ta ghanelak"