About The Company

Anas Dental Supplies: (ANASDS) We are a family owned company founded by Dr. SALIM KURDI in 2000. Dr. KURDI has achieved a great experience in the dental field throughout practicing dentistry since 1970 and he still manages his busy clinic in Damascus. ANASDS is one of the largest leading companies for marketing all dental supplies for clinics and laboratories in Syria has started its activities since November 2000, to introduce the fine non-ordinary services in almost all branches of dental medicine world. ANASDS has chosen its brands according to logical and medical principles besides the international quality certificates ADA-FDA-TUV-CE-ISO for the highest levels of services. Since the year of establishment, his policy was targeting the quality and cost-effective products rather than the price-competitive ones. Because the direct sales are the bulk of our sales, we run sales directly in our office or through our sales representatives in Damascus and the surrounding areas. We have more than 10 sub-dealers located all around Syria in the key cities ref dimashqe, Aleppo, Homs, Hama, Lattakia and Tartous. Because we have faith in the skills of dentists and technicians and their vigorous reaction with the current worldwide scientific theories and educational revolution, ANASDS provides its educational offers in both English and Arabic languages to obtain the continuous reaction with the latest techniques and materials in all dental fields in the whole world by sending periodic e-mails which explain and illustrate the properties , advantages and disadvantages of each technique and material as a prime step for developing this occupation.