About The Company

Adra Cables is one of the ‎leading companies of the ‎Private Sector in Syria.‎ The company manufactures ‎energy-cables systems and ‎works tirelessly to make the ‎customers meet all their ‎needs.‎ From the day of establishing ‎in 2014 until now, the ‎company provides its clients ‎and customers, in different ‎sectors (Public-Private) ‎throughout the whole ‎country, with the services ‎and the products they need. ‎Moreover, it always tries to ‎apply the quality conditions ‎and details that related to ‎manufacturing the best ‎products according to the ‎Syrian standard criteria. The ‎company obtains super ‎results like the wide ‎spreading of the products ‎and the excellent reputation ‎of the company ‎performance. That was a ‎clear evidence of clients and ‎customers satisfaction.‎