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In spite of the distinguished ‎political relations between ‎the two countries, this ‎convergence has not been ‎reflected in trade exchanges. ‎The exchange figures in 2014 ‎indicate that the volume of ‎Russian exports to Syria ‎exceeds 206 million dollars, ‎while our exports do not ‎exceed 7 million dollars. The ‎economic cooperation ‎between the two countries ‎was limited in the previous ‎stages of official government ‎cooperation in the public ‎sector, while cooperation in ‎the private sector was ‎relatively weak, in addition to ‎the foreign sanctions ‎imposed on Syria both during ‎the crisis or before and ‎sanctions imposed on Russia ‎Has contributed to limiting ‎the development of ‎cooperation in the private ‎sector and caused the ‎weakening of sources of ‎financing and trade ‎exchanges between the two ‎countries, despite repeated ‎attempts to find a kind of ‎banking cooperation to ‎finance projects in national ‎currency by the Central Bank ‎in each of the two countries. In general, cooperation ‎between businessmen in the ‎private sector in both ‎countries is the main focus of ‎future projects between ‎large, medium and even small ‎companies.‎