About The Company

She is neither an ordinary ‎name nor merely a woman… ‎She is a combination of ‎strength and tenderness… ‎beauty and cleverness… a ‎mixture of planning and ‎creativity; a woman who ‎perplexes you by her ‎capabilities and set of ‎characteristics which are ‎rarely encountered in an Arab ‎woman. She is a Syrian ‎businesswoman who works ‎in different domains and ‎sectors and who has the ‎courage to be one of those ‎who work side by side in ‎building social, economic, and ‎artistic life in a country of ‎competition among Syrian ‎businessmen and ‎businesswomen. She is one ‎of the very few ladies who ‎had the ability to reserve her ‎place in the world of finance, ‎business and art; a lady who ‎has all the qualities of a ‎successful woman. She has ‎rebelled against the ‎stereotype of Arab Eastern ‎women, and broke the shell ‎to prove that she is an ‎adventurous person with ‎unlimited passion and ‎ambition. She is distinguished ‎by diversity of interests and ‎work fields, for she ‎simultaneously works and ‎manages different sectors, ‎starting from the commercial, ‎economic and social sectors ‎and last but not least the ‎artistic sector. She has the ‎ability of adaption within all ‎work domains as well as the ‎elegant artistic sense that ‎made her entrance to the ‎field of finding talents and ‎sponsoring them.‎