About The Company

Magnetite® is a virgin Acrylic ‎pannel that magnetically seals ‎the inside of your ‎window. Magnetite® was ‎developed by Kenneth J. ‎Foster, an energy physicist, in ‎conjunction with the MIT. ‎innovation Center in 1978. He ‎was eventually granted U.S. ‎Patent No. 4473980. Mr. ‎Foster combined the ‎concepts of using an acrylic ‎window, like they use on jet ‎airplanes, and a magnetic ‎seal, to create the most ‎energy-efficient window on ‎the market. More than 37 ‎years later, Magnetite® is still ‎the best alternative!‎ Magnetite is a virgin Acrylic ‎pannel that magnatically seals ‎to the inside of your ‎window. We offer a range of ‎window and door insulation ‎products to address your ‎specific needs. Our glazing ‎solutions are designed to fit ‎with your existing windows ‎and doors.‎